Natural Disasters

Activity #1
Readers, what natural disasters or emergencies are factors where you live? How have you prepared? If you have faced a large-scale emergency, how did you deal with it? 

Creative Commons License Rakesh via Compfight            In Kentucky we have some tornadoes and floods about 2 weeks ago I actually hadAn ST bus near the WEH flyover at Borivali tornado by my house. I haven’t seen  a  live action tornado before in my life.

IMG_8769When my family heard that there was a nearby tornado, we just thought it would fly by in like 2 minutes. But then, when we looked outside, there was hail poring down, so we got our dog back inside the house just be safe. Then we went into our basement. We didn’t stand by any windows. My mom and I were watching the news on our phones to see what was happening. Then we just waited it out. No one got hurt, but one of our trees fell on our house. Now we have to get new gutters.Creative Commons License Marcelo Albuquerque via Compfight

Here’s the blog to this activity, maybe you can do this challenge to.


2 thoughts on “Natural Disasters

  1. Hello Ben,
    I have experienced a few tornado’s too. I have even experienced a EF-4 tornado, and it was a terrifying experience. I ran into my closet into the center of my house to protect myself from the twister. Luckily the tornado missed by a few miles. How strong was the tornado in Kentucky while you were their? Did anyone get hurt?
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  2. Sorry for responding so late. But no, no one got heart and my house wasn’t even that damaged only the gutters were damaged I’m getting them fixed right as i’m typing this up. Thanks for the comment

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