Is it almost the end? Or is it just the start.

The most rewarding thing when I did this project has to be when I was looking at the end results of all the things the kids said or answered in our servery. I was surprised but not surprised what they said. The thing I wasn’t surprised on was about 75% of kids preferred music instead of books. But the biggest thing I was surprised on was that 38 kids said maybe on if you like school. The selections were yes, no, maybe. This really surprised me I would think that kids would choose no because in my perspective I sort of dislike it. Well I know this is important but I just dont see kids actually liking it a little. also that is why I am so surprised and I have learned that kids in my school actually like school a little. And it gives me a little understanding that not all kids hate school and maybe I can learn to be like them to.

The very last thing I am looking to do is getting the TED talk done. I am super nervous for it, like I said before in my other blog. But other than that I think were good. But actually we will try to get more people to take the quiz to get even more better data.

Here are a little of my thoughts about the TED talk or the GMS takes action speech. The speech will be about all our data we have collected and using the data to show them kids do prefer other ways to learn. We will be preparing or making the speech from now to the week before the actual speech. For the other week we will be practicing in every advisory. So wish me good luck because this might be the last blog until the talk.

The speech tomorrow

Not really I’m just acting like it is and this would be my honest thoughts about the 20% project. What have I accomplished? Well we haven’t accomplished anything but just getting more people to go and take the quiz. We have hit the 85 goal and at 88 right now we are hoping to get 12 more kids to take it. But besides that everything has been accomplished and now its the TED talk to do. So thats pretty exciting.

We have gone through an experience with are 20% project excluding the TED talk and have gone through some tough changes and some easy changes. And I would like to change some things in the past with are project like maybe adding more questions to the quiz/survey and maybe we could’ve got a little bit better information and maybe adding a little program that can transfer the quiz answers to put them in our qzzr that can make a lot more graphs and not just transferring them manually by hand taking at least an hour just doing 30 and we have 88 people take the quiz.

We have been through a lot and we have completed the 20% project.

And I also feel a little bit like this woman.

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The birth of Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s day, a holiday that is celebrated annually on March 17, the fulfilling of the death of Saint Patrick. Who was saint Patrick? Saint Patrick was born in 385. in the modern-day town of Dumbarton, Scotland. But was he Irish? St. Patrick wasn’t Irish, and he wasn’t born in Ireland. Patrick’s parents were Roman citizens living in modern-day England, or more precisely in Scotland or Wales (scholars cannot agree on which). He was born in 385 AD. By that time, most Romans were Christians and the Christian religion was spreading rapidly across Europe. At the age of 16, Patrick had the misfortune of being kidnapped by Irish raiders who took him away and sold him as a slave. He spent several years in Ireland herding sheep and learning about the people there. At the age of 22, he managed to escape.

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Early week

What i have accomplished this week. I haven’t really accomplished anything this week I have just made some minor tweaks with the quiz and getting it ready to go. When I got those minor tweaks finished I got 10 people to take it. We decided to make the kids take the quiz on a google form so it could make it a lot easier for them to take the quiz. This will make the quiz not as complicated but it will also give us a pie chart of how or what the kids want or chose.

I am feeling strong about the video I have almost memorized it. Its a 3 paragraph speech, so that pretty hard to memorize for a kid. You guys will see the video by this Friday if this goes up by then it might come out a little later. But otherwise I feel good and quite nervous that you may see it and what you might think about it.

As I said in my last blog my blog timeline you see now is pretty messed up and it is not like it is now. So I will just say what we want to do next we want to make the video or shoot it.

The main issue it that I am quite nervous about speeches and performing. I am sorta the quiet kid in my school. And I am sort of nervous about doing the video and I hope that wont affect how I will do. So you may catch me stutter a few times in my speech and my face may look like a tomato or as pale as a goats. But lets hope that doesn’t happen and it will go smoothly.


March update madness

We accomplished a lot this week. We completed the quiz, we are about a week away from getting the kids taking the quiz about what kind of learner they are. We are almost finished with are 20% project or the main part of it. But we still have to do the TED talk. Were we have to 5 minute speech. I am also about to do my elevator speech video that will be posted next weeks blog I think.

I am very excited, we are about to post are video for you to see and we are about to finish are main part of the 20% project. And I feel very confident that my elevator video will be successful and will bring maybe, to be honest, 1 person. But 1 person could help us a lot with our project. I am feeling that we can get this project done pretty soon. But I am feeling a little nervous that we are getting closer everyday to the TED talk where we make a speech about our 20% project.

Our deadlines are kinda messed up since the time we posted them. We changed a lot about are project.  We changed our quiz that tells you what kind of learner you are. So are timeline is messed up big time. But the closest thing that we are going to do is post are video. The video will try to encourage you to help us with something. You will find out what that something is by this Wednesday this is posted.

We are not having much problems but are timeline is messed up. But otherwise it’s still been going pretty well. We have made good changes and everything is sturdy. But that is another update about are 20% project. Also have a good march madness if that is a holiday.


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How We’re Doing

My Accomplishments for this week

One accomplishment I did was I completed it my outline speech that will soon go on this blog in about 2 weeks. Another thing I accomplished  was that we figured out when we want to do our 20%, project speaking for my partner to. We are going to our speech on may 14. We have also accomplished or changed what the positions are going to be or something like positions the positions you can call them are visual, kinetic, and auditory.

What we what we want to do this week

The main thing we want to do next week is getting the quizzes done for the website and the things for the students. We also want to figure out how to give the students there quizzes. We have a couple of ideas like maybe them taking the quiz after school and in the cafeteria. Then the week after that we want to start sorting out the data.

How am feeling 

I am exited because we are about to give the students there quizzes or we are about to get the students. But I am feeling a little stressed because I am  making second thoughts of what we might do. And haw am I going to act when I talk to the students.

New weekly update

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So far we have accomplished on making the home page of the website and the about us page. This brings us a step closer to the start of our project.

Again I am feeling great about this project. everything is going pretty smoothly and my partner and I have been doing a lot of hard work and we are accomplished a lot.

We have met our mentor and we have talked about the negatives and the positives about our project. We have also talked a bit how to get the kids take the quiz. Like maybe doing it after school or do it online.

Our goal is to make the quiz not the website but the quiz finished by Friday. We need passages that are appropriate for 6th,7th, and 8th graders. So if any of you know any passages to suggest you can comment down below. And that is the second update on the 20% project i am doing.

20% project update


The big thing i accomplished this week was that I got to talk to my mentor/a person who will help my group. My mentor was my schools assistant principal. My mentor will spread the word out about our project and he will send emails about it to the teachers.


I’m feeling good about this project so far. I think its going pretty good we had faces a couple problems here and there but its been going pretty good. I am still very passionate about this project. I am also working pretty well with my partner. So so far pretty good.


Here are some problems I have had. The big problem is that we need to find a different way to get the treats to the kids after they take the quiz without sending personal information like email. We do not really know how to fix this problem at the moment but we are brainstorming a lot of our ideas.


1/27 Start new research
2/10 Start website
2/24 Finish the website and start making the final video
3/10 Open the quiz to students
3/24 Close the quiz and get the information and make the video
4/7 Make slide for final speech
4/21 Organize the final information
5/5 Practice speech
5/19 Give speech

My 20% Project

The 20% project is a google made project that influences middle school students or high school students to try and do something that helps your community. It is called the 20% project because you do 20% of your work on this project. The project I’m doing is going to make a web sight that has 5 passages that have 10 questions at the end for each. The passages are created for kids that are in the 6th, 7th, 8th grade. They will read the passages then will take the quiz, but, they have to do it in different positions which are standing, walking, sitting, laying, and listening to music.

After they take there test they will get a grade on how you did and that grade will be summited in a graph of other students that taken that test in that same position and it will make a average. This will tell my partner and I how other people learn differently. Then we can show that to the teachers and show them how other kids work.

The thing I have accomplished this week is that I have came up with this idea and it is very exciting to do this. right now i’m working on my outline that will say what resources I need and what I have to do to get them. I plan to make a speech next to share my teachers and tell them what project i’m doing. So far its been pretty smooth this week, not really any problems, I am almost finished with my outline and I like my partner , so everything is going all right right now. Also, happy holidays.

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The Best Holiday of The Year

The best Holiday has to be in winter. For me in winter I celebrate Christmas but if I didn’t I would still love it. All the lights and all the colors everywhere I go. Its even sometimes hard to sleep seeing the glowing lights down in the front lawn glowing from 1 room to all. Here are my routines/events when I celebrate the holidays.

The first thing I do is see the Cincinnati pops. They are a symphony that plays Christmas music threw out the month of December. Then I go to the Cincinnati zoo to see the festival of lights every year. Then I go to see family when I am released from school. First I go to my grandmas to visit my dads mom and to see how to see how she is doing. We spend about 4 days there then we go to my moms side of the family. This has to be the most exciting part about Christmas break is spending time with family I see every 7 months. And we always have a great time there.

Overall winter is the best holiday month of joy and smiles. I hope you all have a great holiday. Oh and also what do you do during holiday break?Ightham Mote , Great Hall, ready for Christmas Neil Howard via Compfight